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The Halodi concept

Halodi´s vision is to provide a vast number of robots to the mass market. We believe the time is right for Eve, a robot that is affordable for ordinary people, with strength and reach to do useful work. Our concept is that of simplified, but capable and very high quality mechanics paired with a cloud “brain” that enables very advanced data processing, cross learning and continuous upgrading of the functionality.

The concept of the mechanics, with our own very strong Revo1 servo motors and differential joints, means that Eve can be produced for a fraction of the cost of ordinary robots without sacrificing quality or versatility.

Revo1 direct-drive

Our own Revo1 servo motor is world leading in torque to weight.

These motors enables joints with very low gearing, ensuring full backdriveability and near silent operation. And they can be produced for a very low cost … Coupled with precision encoders and run in torque mode, the whole robot arm becomes a force sensor.

  • Silent
  • Gearless
  • Environment sensing

Cloud Intelligence

Eve’s brain is in the cloud. This enables a new approach to AI and deep learning, where we do cross learning on the huge volumes of data collected by all of our Eves.

A new approach to AI and deep learning

This also ensures that the software is always updated for all connected robots. Only the maths for the low-level control algorithms is run locally. This brings cost down as Eve simply doesn’t need a big control computer.

Phuong Nguyen

CSO and PhD. in Robotics

Jørgen Sundell


Bernt Øyvind Børnich

CTO and Robotics Engineer

Kine Gjerstad Eide

Lab assistant and Computer Engineer

The Team

Halodi’s team consist of visionaries. Eve is each one’s “baby” in different areas, whether it is revolutionary ideas in servo motors, our own advanced and math intensive torque control, our silent, slack-free composite wire differential joints, new ideas in how to manufacture high quality with low cost, safety features, low power consumption and self-charging capability and so on…

Development kit

Development kits will be made available for selected application developers. These consist of programming tools, a simulator, an early version of the robot and support.

Do you need Eve to bring a brilliant idea into life?
Apply for a dev-kit and get in the queue for the first development kits.


We are currently inviting investors to help us develop Eve to her full potential. Please contact us here.

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